Mar 06. > Mar 09. 2012

Licht und Zeit Master Symposium with Roos Theuws

※ Durant trois jours j'ai participé à un workshop de recherche avec Roos Theuws, dans le cadre du Symposium Pool CH au pavillon H de la HGK (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst) de Bâle.
Sketch du projet
Workshop avec Roos Theuws
Workshop avec Roos Theuws
Born in the Netherlands (1957) and living and working in Amsterdam, Roos Theuws devotes her work to an indept inquiry into what video is, can do and effectuates in the field between machine and viewer. From the beginning, she has shown an interest in the phenomena of light. In her recent works, the use of light has become an aliquid between the viewer and the presented piece. The light can be treated in almost agressive, violent, manipulative manner, hurting the eye. In other pieces, together with the filmic, emotional contents, light functions as a soothing bath. As a result, video becomes the field of interrogation, providing the artist with a wide variety of visual manipulative devices, reaching out for meanings beyond rational perception and observation.


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