Disco Pendulum
Stuwa's Grapic Identity.
Graphic Identity of the library Mille Feuilles.
Transmuter en perdant.
Pennsylvanian Motel.
Billy Goat in Vosges Mountains.
Jacob Banon (Converge), Aarau ; 21 December 2012.
Prenez soins de vos Tulipes, Colonel Patate.
Brion Gysin's Dream Machine at Von Bartha Garage, Basel.
Tableaux en ailes de papillons du Togo.
Maya Rochat at Filature, Mulhouse.
Photo shoot of a death metal band.
Celine Lachkar at Séchoir, Mulhouse.
Prisoners tattoo make with ash ink in a sardine can.
James Leg in Altkirch with Six Six.
Transmuter là.
2016, Nuances d'Engrais.
Last repetition of Mnah.
Forceed altar boys.
How to open a beer #002.
Failed Wall Painting.
Tattoo by La Mauvaise.
Mudbath vs. Michel Anoïa at Altkirch with Six Six.
Escalope Crème Gruyère.
Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Belfort ; July 2013.
Chapelle Saint-Jean, Mulhouse.
Gendarmerie Roeblin, Ferrette.
Caro Tanghe (Oathbreaker), Belfort.
Parts of wild animals #003.
Giant Savoyard fondue party.
Photographie session for Torii.
Transmuter encore.
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats at Eurockéennes, Belfort.
How to open a beer #001
Erlend Hjelvik (Kvelertak), Belfort.
Adam Brown at Gantner Art Space.
New brand for Pays du Sundgau.
About Hell and Satan.
Amateur fire truck by Hugo.
The Büecheleklopfer in Sundgau.
Preview for ØFF15.
Dälek, Audincourt ; 16 april 2015.
Nique les Jeunes.
Notre-Dame du Chêne, Heimsbrunn.
At Von Bartha Garage, Basel.
Ghost at Eurockéennes, Belfort.
Transmuter toujours.
Cowards, Héricourt.
Mnah and Epic Schmetterling Tour.
Godflesh, Strasbourg ; May 2013.
Pillow edited by Eyefood Factory.
Les Praticiens de L'Infernal, Pierre la Police.
Mnah live in Mulhouse.
Red Fang, Mulhouse ; November 2012.
Travel in Canada and U.S.A.
Workshop with kids.
Parts of wild animals #002.
My first Tony Weingartner.
Edition project with Nikola Curavic : La vie hors les murs.
New Overblitz Studio in Mulhouse.
Pan-Pan II.
2012, Toulouse.
Master Symposium in HGK, Basel.
Silkscreen Gnist cover.
Brüme, Eulen.
2011, Avignon.
Portrait by Véronique Portal.
Parts of wild animals #001.
Claudia Comte, Jeune création 2010.
2010, Jeune Création, Paris.
Artwork for the Punk band Aguirre.
An important experiment #002.
An important experiment #001.
2009, Polaris Gallery, Paris.
Happening in Centre Pompidou.
Installation in Centre Pompidou.


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